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An organic treat that’s better in every respect? That would be Noadd! Healthy and delicious cookies filled with delicious fruit and stacks of fibre.

For one and all

Noadd was the very first organic, fruit-filled cookie to be launched on the market. Enjoyed by young and old. And since this fruity snack is made without milk, eggs or wheat, it’s perfect for vegans, too. Noadd is rich in dietary fibre thanks to a nutritious combination of spelt, oatmeal, buckwheat, kamut, teff and rice. For better cookies that contain no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours, no palm oil and without added salt. Which earned us the 2018 SIAL Innovation Award.

The Noadd range

Noadd is your guarantee of healthy enjoyment with nothing added. Discover our two healthy varieties: apple and berry.

Better cookiesBetter peopleBetter planet


For the most delicious cookies, only the best will do. From ingredients, recipes and baking methods to packaging.


We only bake using natural and unprocessed ingredients. In order to preserve all their essential nutrients.


We aim for better every time. From recipes and high-end production lines to our expert laboratory and high-quality packaging.


With every decision, we choose resolutely in favour of the most sustainable option. Resulting in honest cookies that are better for people and planet.

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