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Heart & soul

We are a family of hard workers with a healthy dose of guts and ambition. For three generations now, we have been dedicated to achieving the best in everything we do. That’s how we transform the power of nature into honest cookies. Served with love to the entire world.

Hungry for innovation

The question that never ceases to inspire us is how we can make our cookies even better. That’s why we continue to invest in innovation. We choose the best natural ingredients. We invent new and innovative recipes. And we transform them into delicious cookies that are the beating heart of our family business. Our state-of-the-art production lines and expert lab guarantee quality in every detail. As the finishing touch, we ensure high-quality packaging. Perfectly preserving their rich flavour and nutrition to enjoy later.

"You can almost taste the passions of each generation of our family business. My grandfather was the beloved baker of the village. My father was fascinated by the healing power of nature and applied it to his bread and pastries. And I inherited the genes of both, along with a pinch of technical know-how. I streamlined the processes, applying generations of acquired expertise. In so doing, we discovered the enormous potential of organic baby and children’s cookies where everything comes together: the baker’s craft, the power of nature and optimised production processes. A nice family gathering, you might say.”

- CEO Jos Corthouts -

From local bakery to global player


Village bakery

Joseph Corthouts and his wife start a very successful village bakery. With much love, they bake fresh bread, rolls and other delicacies in the early hours.


Good and well

Joseph’s son, Maurice Corthouts and his wife continue to expand the family bakery. Maurice has a healthy interest in the healing power of nature and applies it to his bread and pastries.


Organic cookies

Jos Corthouts gives a helping hand at the bakery from a very young age. He later specialises in the technical side and streamlines the production processes. Together with his wife Mia, he further expands the organic bakery. From their new building, Belkorn begins production of Europe’s first-ever organic cookies!


International growth

Belkorn takes part in a number of international trade fairs which form the beginnings of several long-term and worldwide partnerships. In 1998, Belkorn wins the prestigious Hermes prize.


Room for expansion

To support the strong international growth, Belkorn invests in new premises covering an impressive 7,500 square metres.


Food security

Belkorn receives the coveted IFS certificaat, the universally recognised standard and guarantee in the domain of food security.


Automated packaging

More and more cookies roll out of our ovens and into the wide world. To preserve their freshness, we invest in new state-of-the-art packaging lines.


Double the production capacity

The first production line reaches full capacity. The cookies hit the spot to such an extent that we decide to open a second production line.


A world with better cookies

Stubborn in our resolve, we decide only to bake for partners who share our vision on honest and healthy products. In the meantime, our customer portfolio grows to cover 25 countries. The nomination for an Export Lion in 2022 is yet another feather in the cap for our employees.


Future-oriented innovation

Worldwide demand for better cookies continues to rise. Which is why Belkorn continues to invest in the future. Our employees can count on a healthy work environment. We expand our infrastructure with new silos and create ground-breaking solutions for energy production. And in spite of the large volumes, we remain dedicated to reducing waste. Working every day for a world with better cookies.

Better cookies, in every respect


For the most delicious cookies, only the best will do. From ingredients, recipes and baking methods to packaging.


We only bake using natural and unprocessed ingredients. In order to preserve all their essential nutrients.


We aim for better every time. From recipes and high-end production lines to our expert laboratory and high-quality packaging.


With every decision, we choose resolutely in favour of the most sustainable option. Resulting in honest cookies that are better for people and planet.

Ready for more?

Companies with a healthy appetite, individuals looking for better cookies, we are here to help you!

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